Negating and cancelling any „transference” energy that has already occured in the past

Stopping the draining cycle of losing energy by transference.

Simply follow the same spiritual law as above, and use the power of speech to cancel out ALL the loses of „transference” that one has been so open and given away ones energy in the past, which once a person cancels out the power given away by transference thought energy, then all the blockages in ones life will be taken away.


„I cancel out any transference of energy made by evil people that has taken energy from my soul, that takes energy from my soul or that will take energy from my soul”

„I refuse to allow anyone or anything evil drain my soul by transference, or take any energy from my soul by transference, which includes their negative or destructive thoughts or words against me”

„All blockages in my life should now go away from my soul”

„Let the past go” – Hold no grudges

Remember it is important NEVER to hold any grudge or blame to anyone for your mistakes. It is YOUR fault you interacted with the wrong and draining type of person. Its not their fault, they are simply acting the only way they know.

However, now that you have found the solution and learnt the reason why you have been so drained by losing your souls good energy in an act of „transference”. It is up to YOU to have closure from the past and learn to  protect your mind and soul, especially if you are a sensitive soul.


When anyone looks at photographs, each image makes an impression on a persons mind and thoughts, if a person is emotionally aroused by the image in the photograph this has a stronger affect on a persons soul. If the photograph gives a person a vitality and aliveness then an act of creative transference takes place. If however the photograph leaves a person feeling drained then a destructive act of transference has occured.

If the photograph is of a person, then the persons image and soul is engraved on that photo and if one is „open” and unaware, then evil people can use the photograph in an act of transference energy and „drain” or „hurt” a person.

As this „damage” occurs as a thought energy, simply by using the power of speech cancels out any „transference” loss energies and solves the problem.

Simply say,
„I refuse to allow anyone or anything evil drain my soul by transference which includes negative or destructive thoughts or words against me or any photos that have been taken of me by anyone anywhere”.


„Don’t Connect with Wicked People and Don’t be Jealous of Cheats and Liars”

One major reason why we stay attached in our mind and thoughts is because of our negative emotions of hatred, bitterness, resentment and jealousy. The ideal „closure” is to learn to „let go” of the situation and take the „i don’t care attitude”, neither love nor hate, the simple ” it doesn’t bother me” attitude, with no emotional energy whatsoever, neither love nor hate, always works for closure !!!

Every connection a person has in this life is a reflection of their own character, if one feels uneasy inside and not at peace with oneself with the liasons one has, then this is a sign one needs to learn to CHANGE oneself.



Using the spiritual laws to STOP a „loss by transference”

From the spiritual laws of
„transference” above and from the „Spiritual law of thoughts,
words & actions”

A thought cancels out a thought

A word cancels out a thought

Since transference energy is 100%
thoughts and spiritual , one can simply cancel out the loss of ones souls
energy by using the power of speech:-


„I cancel out any transference made by evil people that has taken energy from my soul, that takes energy from my soul or that will take energy from my soul”

„I refuse to allow anyone or anything evil drain my soul by transference, or take any energy from my soul by transference, which includes their negative or destructive thoughts or words against me”

„I release the need for interaction with draining people and situations, my soul has been awakened by these bad experiences, i am grateful for the difficulties as signs to wake-up my soul. Now that i am spiritually awakened, please take away these draining
situations out of my life, they no longer have any purpose in my life”

„I cancel out any transference of energy out of my soul with anyone who has nothing to do with my life, my destiny or my soul”

„Similarly, i apologise for having taken anyones souls energy by transference that has nothing to do with my life, my soul or my destiny and which has used to block my destiny, i no longer want this energy and want it returned to the persons soul i have taken it
from, it is NOT mine!”

This is so simple, once a person
realises that one is constantly losing energy by transference, (and this
thereby is causing a blockage in the flow of life energy in ones soul as
explained above), learnt how to be control this loss by being  closed to draining and „freeloaders”, then one can simply AFFIRM and say the above two
phrases and this cancels out any loss by transference.

This even helps for
the highest form of transference whereby some freeloader earthbound soul
occupies ones body.

„Cancelling out” with „words”. ALWAYS works !

If one does not feel anything after „cancelling out” with the power of your speech by saying the above even once, there are 3 possible reasons:

(1) One is not using ones mind to
focus ones thoughts and coordinate ones speech with ones thoughts, that means
one must think honestly about the strength of the power of speech. After all,
if one has lost energy from ones soul caused by others talking about you, it is
100% assured that you have the power of your speech to control your life and soul, through the power of your speech. YOU have been blessed with the gift of speech so use it to CANCEL out the loss by transference.

(2) One does not believe the
spiritual law of cancelling out by the power of speech. Good news – even if one
does „not believe”, it still works ! However small the change, each
time a person cancels out by using the power of speech, it has an effect, this
is the reason why „shouting” and „screaming” works so well,
as it uses ones full strength of the power of ones speech.

(3) Then the last reason, it
doesnt seem to work, after saying the „cancelling out” phrase above,
is because one is still holding onto bitterness and resentment to that person
who has hurt you. One must LET GO of them and the thoughts of hurt, simply
recognise they were part of your life in the past and NOW they are NO longer
part of your life for your future – Have 100%closure and thank GOD they are
now out of your life forever !

Directional cancelling out means
that one uses the exact words and false allegations that they have used against
you, admit that these are lies and cancel their power and negative energy.

for example:
If a man/woman was accused falsely of cheating on his/her spouse with another person, then one should say, „people have accused me of cheating on my wife/husband with another woman/man, as GOD is my witness, this is a lie, i have nevcr cheated on my wife/husband, and therefore i wish to cancel out the energy and power of these lies”. Indeed, it seems such a person should gladly divorce such a deceitful spouse as he/she does not have any spiritual good behaviour, especially if he/she can tell such awful lies in public. Once one has
disconnected and had closure after the divorce, there will still be gossipers and slanderers, one can „cancel out” the power and energy of these liars by simply keep affirming that they are liars, and their words have no energy or power.

The first step is to write down
all the sources of damage of lies that have occured in ones life, and cancel
each of them out by affirming they are liars and as GOD is your witness, you
are truthful.

Normally those people who accuse
others do not believe in GOD or spirit world, and usually accuse other people
of things they have done wrong themselves. So simply affirm their false
allegations, admit these are lies and then cancel their power. Likewise
repeating a few times actually helps to cancel out the energy of all the other
gossipers who have repeated the liars lie. None of them have any power to hurt
you anymore.

Use the power of speech to cancel
the energy of their words, as Hashem – GOD is your witness.

  1. Affirm the words of the lie, use the exact words that the liars have deceitfully used;
  2. Confirm that as GOD is your witness that this is a lie;
  3. Cancel out the energy of the lie, by confirming that these words are lies and this is the truth.

Simply by using the power of truthful speech, will ensure that you do not loose any energy from your soul by „transference”. Which in turn will ensure that your life energy andvitality remains „alive” with a continual flow of יניקה מלמעלה – Yeneeka Milmaala. The key is to use the power of speech withtruthful  statements and affirmations.

One should begin „truthful affirmations” by saying what a person is not, for example a jewish single woman living in USA should affirm, „i am not a man”, „i am not a muslem”, ” i am not married”, „i have not yet found my soulmate”, ” i am not living in israel”, i have no children”, etc and then continue to affirm „i am trying to change everyday”, „i am cancelling out, by my speech any words or thoughts that anyone anywhere has against me, i want to cancel out any negative energy that is blocking success in my life, so that i can find my true destined loving soulmate, to have a purposeful and fulfilling life” etc.,

Once a person starts making
truthful affirmations as they „talk to themselves”, one will find
each individual will flow with their own specific affirmations, of their own
personal identity and then affirm to cancel out any blockages in their lives
caused by other peoples negative thoughts and words. Once a person has done
this, one feels lightened and enlivened as each word a person speaks ACTUALLY
works to cancel out any negativity !

Thankfully there is a special
spiritual law that prevents this being used against good people, as those
people who abuse the power of speech, deceive and lie, have no chance to
dissolve the energy of transference, as this ability is only given to those
with truthful guardian angels, as discussed in the paragraph of „two
types” of people on the page of Spirit & Guidance.