Negating and cancelling any „transference” energy that has already occured in the past

Stopping the draining cycle of losing energy by transference.

Simply follow the same spiritual law as above, and use the power of speech to cancel out ALL the loses of „transference” that one has been so open and given away ones energy in the past, which once a person cancels out the power given away by transference thought energy, then all the blockages in ones life will be taken away.


„I cancel out any transference of energy made by evil people that has taken energy from my soul, that takes energy from my soul or that will take energy from my soul”

„I refuse to allow anyone or anything evil drain my soul by transference, or take any energy from my soul by transference, which includes their negative or destructive thoughts or words against me”

„All blockages in my life should now go away from my soul”

„Let the past go” – Hold no grudges

Remember it is important NEVER to hold any grudge or blame to anyone for your mistakes. It is YOUR fault you interacted with the wrong and draining type of person. Its not their fault, they are simply acting the only way they know.

However, now that you have found the solution and learnt the reason why you have been so drained by losing your souls good energy in an act of „transference”. It is up to YOU to have closure from the past and learn to  protect your mind and soul, especially if you are a sensitive soul.


When anyone looks at photographs, each image makes an impression on a persons mind and thoughts, if a person is emotionally aroused by the image in the photograph this has a stronger affect on a persons soul. If the photograph gives a person a vitality and aliveness then an act of creative transference takes place. If however the photograph leaves a person feeling drained then a destructive act of transference has occured.

If the photograph is of a person, then the persons image and soul is engraved on that photo and if one is „open” and unaware, then evil people can use the photograph in an act of transference energy and „drain” or „hurt” a person.

As this „damage” occurs as a thought energy, simply by using the power of speech cancels out any „transference” loss energies and solves the problem.

Simply say,
„I refuse to allow anyone or anything evil drain my soul by transference which includes negative or destructive thoughts or words against me or any photos that have been taken of me by anyone anywhere”.


„Don’t Connect with Wicked People and Don’t be Jealous of Cheats and Liars”

One major reason why we stay attached in our mind and thoughts is because of our negative emotions of hatred, bitterness, resentment and jealousy. The ideal „closure” is to learn to „let go” of the situation and take the „i don’t care attitude”, neither love nor hate, the simple ” it doesn’t bother me” attitude, with no emotional energy whatsoever, neither love nor hate, always works for closure !!!

Every connection a person has in this life is a reflection of their own character, if one feels uneasy inside and not at peace with oneself with the liasons one has, then this is a sign one needs to learn to CHANGE oneself.



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